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Getting into it

2011-02-05 22:02:52 by Kaggykins

So I've improved in drawing and I'm gonna try to make an animation for Pico day 2011! Hopefully I'll succeed and be one of the top ten. I don't care about winning. All I care is people enjoy my stuff. But hell if I win I'd get noticed more. Well thats it.

- Kaggy


2011-01-03 18:29:44 by Kaggykins

I'm gonna start making animations... that is all.


2010-06-11 17:20:08 by Kaggykins

Yes, I have started to submit stuff to my account. I'm starting with art first then I'll try to progress to animation. But I should have some animations up this month. Thanks for reading.


Whats Up!

2010-06-10 12:04:42 by Kaggykins

Hey whats up guys. Lately I'm getting into animating so over the summer I'm gonna upload some animations and see what people think and what I need to improve on. So thanks for reading!